Where has the Spoonicorn gone?

Hello, lovely. It’s been a while. I’ve thought about writing this a few times in the recent months, but I never really knew what to say. How to say it. Maybe I still don’t. Have you ever fallen apart? My doctor described it as hearing your car make a strange sound, and turning up the… Continue reading Where has the Spoonicorn gone?

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Full name: Balai Pronunciation: Bah-lye Species: Merged human Physical Features: 6’1”Light brown skinGreen eyesBlack HairBlack jackal’s ears (instead of human ones) Scent: Unknown Of Note: - Embalmer at the Royal Palace of Selekhet- Blessed with the Touch of Anubis, making him magically able to manipulate dead bodies First Appearance: The Heart of a Shadow “Your… Continue reading Balai

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Full name: Apep, also known as Apophis Pronunciation: Ah-pep, or Ah-poff-iss Species: Demon serpent Physical Features: Snakelike, with grey scales that look like pieces of shale. Silver eyes, long fangs, very, very large. Scent: Unknown Author’s Note: There are many Ancient Egyptian myths and religious texts containing mention of Apophis (or Apep) the Great Serpent.… Continue reading Apep/Apophis

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Raiden Horushood

Full name: Raiden Horushood Pronunciation: Ray-den Species: Angel Physical Features:Male6’4”Medium brown skinGolden eyesDark brown hairWings with feathers in white, grey and tawny rust Scent: Warm sand and burning sunlight Of Note: - Crown Prince of Egypt, younger brother to Pharaoh Taos.- Younger sister and parents are both deceased.- Captain of the Pharaoh’s honour guard. First… Continue reading Raiden Horushood

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Liria Atlannon

Full name: Liria Atlannon Pronunciation: Leer-ee-ah Species: Dark fairy Physical Features: Human - Pale skin Long indigo/navy hair Violet eyes Butterfly wings in violet and plumDark fairy - Stormy blue/grey skin Long indigo/navy hair Violet eyesButterfly wings in indigo and plum Scent: Moon lillies and the cool, clear secrets of dawn Of Note: Liria’s soul… Continue reading Liria Atlannon

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ARC Team Availability

Following last week’s announcement of The Heart of a Shadow, I’ve decided to open up some spots on my ARC team. For anyone who’s unsure, ARC is author lingo for ‘advanced reader copy’ and being on someone’s ARC team means that you strike a deal with the author where, in exchange for a free copy… Continue reading ARC Team Availability

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The Curse of the Naked Man Chest

Recently, I was email chatting with someone who is far more successful an author than I currently am. We got to talking about my covers and the comment I received was: “While they’re far from bad I do think it’s an area you might need to make improvements in. Take a look at the covers… Continue reading The Curse of the Naked Man Chest



Welcome to 2021! I know it’s been a while since we spoke, but new year, new start and all that, right? One of the first things I do with the new year - and I know I’m not alone - is to select a word of the year. If you don’t know what this is,… Continue reading Streamlining


Seeing Off September

Well, I’d like to say it’s been a week, but really... it’s been a month. It’s been a few months. I know all you fellow Melbournians feel me, here. Anyway, in the spirit of sharing being caring, I thought I’d put in a (surprisingly pictorial) wrap of the end of September, 2020. Because... well, why… Continue reading Seeing Off September

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Spicing Things Up

I like a challenge. Particularly one that will help me hone my skills as an author, and force me to try things I might not otherwise consider. For me, the biggest challenge I face in my writing is length. (Heh, heh.) Keeping a novel under 150,000 words is a constant mix of tiptoeing, editing and… Continue reading Spicing Things Up