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Liria Atlannon

Full name: Liria Atlannon

Pronunciation: Leer-ee-ah

Species: Dark fairy

Physical Features:
Human –

Pale skin
Long indigo/navy hair
Violet eyes
Butterfly wings in violet and plum
Dark fairy –
Stormy blue/grey skin
Long indigo/navy hair
Violet eyes
Butterfly wings in indigo and plum

Scent: Moon lillies and the cool, clear secrets of dawn

Of Note: Liria’s soul is trapped in a ring via a process called soulbinding, wherein whoever wears the ring is able to forcibly control Liria’s actions. First owned by Queen Coranna of Atlantis, Liria’s soul ring was then gifted to the Princess Ione of Atlantis when she was a child, leaving Liria to serve as her handmaiden and bodyguard according to the Princess’ whim.

First Appearance: The Heart of a Shadow

Liria lowered her head as the Princess Ione came up beside her, lest the other woman see the way her face set into an involuntary grimace. The motion shifted her focus to her fingers, gripping tight to the balcony rail. Her skin had begun to turn the mottled blue-grey of a storm-tossed sky, her emotions slipping their leash and causing the truth of her nature to creep through. Drawing deep of the salt-laden air, Liria forced her face into smooth lines and exerted just enough power to shift her skin back to the blemish-free cream her mistress preferred.

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