Where has the Spoonicorn gone?

Hello, lovely. It’s been a while. I’ve thought about writing this a few times in the recent months, but I never really knew what to say. How to say it. Maybe I still don’t. Have you ever fallen apart? My doctor described it as hearing your car make a strange sound, and turning up the… Continue reading Where has the Spoonicorn gone?

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And, in the Spooky Corner: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween!

Hello, everyone! Remember earlier this year I took part in a fun, amazing Valentine's anthology with four other fabulous authors? What? No? Remind me! Well, good news! We're doing it allllll over again - and this time, we're getting our spook on. *excessively dramatic drum roll* Introducing - A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween! Ta daaaaa! Same… Continue reading And, in the Spooky Corner: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween!


A Sprinkling of Magic from the Cover Goddess

My dear friend Leisl Leighton used the term Cover Goddess on her blog post, and I'm stealing it. No take backs, Leisl!! *ahem* Apart from shamelessly pinching Leisl's cool titles to add to my own collection, I'm here to share something fun with you all! Remember the Valentine's anthology that my novella, Catnip, appeared in… Continue reading A Sprinkling of Magic from the Cover Goddess

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“Help! I’ve been hijacked by a space deer!” That’s what Sam said when I shouldered into her space in the early hours of the morning. In your Earth time, I think it was... about 3am? Authoring can be a bit of a tough gig sometimes, and there are all these unwritten (and apparently even some… Continue reading Mutiny!

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When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

This morning I made the decision to throw a novel in the bin. The proverbial bin, since it's a digital file - but that doesn't make the loss of 107,000 words and the death of an idea any easier to bear. So now that I've fronted the topic, let's talk about how it happened -… Continue reading When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

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ARC Team Availability

Following last week’s announcement of The Heart of a Shadow, I’ve decided to open up some spots on my ARC team. For anyone who’s unsure, ARC is author lingo for ‘advanced reader copy’ and being on someone’s ARC team means that you strike a deal with the author where, in exchange for a free copy… Continue reading ARC Team Availability

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The Curse of the Naked Man Chest

Recently, I was email chatting with someone who is far more successful an author than I currently am. We got to talking about my covers and the comment I received was: “While they’re far from bad I do think it’s an area you might need to make improvements in. Take a look at the covers… Continue reading The Curse of the Naked Man Chest

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Release Day – A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine

It’s here! Getting an anthology together is all about teamwork and its been so much fun to be part of this particular team. Georgia, Leisl, Marnie and Helen are fantastic women and it’s been a joy to chat over zoom (I mean, hold a meeting) and co-ordinate our efforts to bring this book to joyous… Continue reading Release Day – A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine



Welcome to 2021! I know it’s been a while since we spoke, but new year, new start and all that, right? One of the first things I do with the new year - and I know I’m not alone - is to select a word of the year. If you don’t know what this is,… Continue reading Streamlining


Seeing Off September

Well, I’d like to say it’s been a week, but really... it’s been a month. It’s been a few months. I know all you fellow Melbournians feel me, here. Anyway, in the spirit of sharing being caring, I thought I’d put in a (surprisingly pictorial) wrap of the end of September, 2020. Because... well, why… Continue reading Seeing Off September