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Raiden Horushood

Full name: Raiden Horushood

Pronunciation: Ray-den

Species: Angel

Physical Features:
Medium brown skin
Golden eyes
Dark brown hair
Wings with feathers in white, grey and tawny rust

Scent: Warm sand and burning sunlight

Of Note:
– Crown Prince of Egypt, younger brother to Pharaoh Taos.
– Younger sister and parents are both deceased.
– Captain of the Pharaoh’s honour guard.

First Appearance: The Heart of a Shadow

Prince Raiden had shucked his polished gold breastplate and stood shirtless in the corridor, his naked chest concealed by a rough linen wrap that draped around his neck, across his shoulders and hung in long lengths past one hip, the colour a bright green that reminded Liria of the fronded palms she’d seen lining Selekhet’s streets. Loose linen pants in a deep shade of cream were secured at his waist by a gold and rust sash, the tasseled ends hanging past his knees. The colour offset the smooth, rich tones of skin somewhere between caramel and bronze, thick, dark brown hair that tumbled around his ears and brushed the back of his neck, and brilliant golden eyes. He was a warrior in truth, his body tall and broad and fitted with sculpted muscles and the occasional scar that spoke of a life fully lived while his face was ruggedly handsome, his lips full, his smile devastating and his eyes crinkled in the corners.

“Lady of Shadows,” he said, his voice a rough, sandy caress. Raiden bowed, showing off the spectacular feathered wings that swept from his back in mottled shades of white, grey, and tawny rust – but never once did he take that intense golden gaze from her face. “I was hoping you might be here.”

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