Character Glossary, Merged Worlds, The Heart of a Shadow, writing


Full name: Balai

Pronunciation: Bah-lye

Species: Merged human

Physical Features:
Light brown skin
Green eyes
Black Hair
Black jackal’s ears (instead of human ones)

Scent: Unknown

Of Note:
– Embalmer at the Royal Palace of Selekhet
– Blessed with the Touch of Anubis, making him magically able to manipulate dead bodies

First Appearance: The Heart of a Shadow

“Your highness?” A young man stepped into view, hands twisting nervously and sleek black jackal’s ears poking out of the mess of tousled black hair on his head. “How is the pain?”

“I was stabbed,” Raiden muttered. “How do you think the pain is?”

Clear green eyes blinked, and then the kid – early twenties, if Raiden had to guess – lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “I… uh, I’m an embalmer, sir. I can’t say as I know, and most of the people I work with are too dead to ask.”

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