Seeing Off September

Well, I’d like to say it’s been a week, but really… it’s been a month. It’s been a few months. I know all you fellow Melbournians feel me, here. Anyway, in the spirit of sharing being caring, I thought I’d put in a (surprisingly pictorial) wrap of the end of September, 2020. Because… well, why not?

First of all, when Orion was told he could go back to school on the 12th of October like Piper, there was a lot of celebrating. In the spirit of having to go out in public more often, I realised my singular home-made face mask wasn’t going to cut it, so I grumbled to myself for a good thirty minutes, made a cup of tea, and got my craft on.

Also, if you don’t break a needle sewing over a pipe cleaner, are you really trying?

Naturally, because the kids are really bored right now, the unfamiliar sound of the sewing machine drew a lot of attention, and before I knew it I had two eager spectators. Three hours and a brawl over who got to take care of Penelope the Pin Pig later, it was well and truly time for a hot chocolate break.

Thursday, since it was Mum’s day off, we decided to take advantage of the ‘socialising outside within 5km of your house rule.’ I packed River and the kids in the car and we met Mum at the local lake for surprise hot chips and potato cakes. It was a little windy and a little damp but the smiles were well and truly worth it!

River and Lexie also got to catch up. This shot might look innocent, but they’re only sitting still because they can see (or in Lexie’s case, smell) the chips that we’re all eating.

After a walk around the lake (during which River spent half of it trying to body hug every other dog and human she saw, and Lexie attempted to fall into the water in true blind dog fashion) we said our goodbyes and parted company with smiles. It’s amazing what such a simple thing as a walk and some hot food can do to refresh your mindset!

Since then I’ve been back at my desk working hard and indulging in a little retail therapy here and there. I also, late last night, decided to doodle out the first day of Inktober on a post-it note.

Note to self: that brush pen bleeds on post-it notes.

So, I guess that’s a wrap for this week. It was nice to see a little sunlight even if the turn in weather means I’m feeling the hayfever already.

Until next time, peace and love and too much cake to all.


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