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Release Day: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween

Okay. You've heard me bang on about it a bunch - and now, the day has finally arrived!* *... yesterday. Ahem. A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween is here! Such spooky! Much awesome! If you haven't heard about this anthology by now, or more specifically, my contribution to it, then here we go! A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween… Continue reading Release Day: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween

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Luka Magnusson

Full name: Luka Theo Magnusson Pronunciation: Loo-ka (Th-ee-oh Mag-nuss-on) Kin Type: Jaguar Age: (as at Deanna’s Ghost)56 Height: 6’ 1” Physical Features: swarthy complexion, short dark brown hair, brown eyes Kin Features: black and gold fur, brown eyes Scent: Leather and Spice Birthday: 10th September Astrology: Virgo Favourite Food: Roast Lamb Favourite Drink: Long Island… Continue reading Luka Magnusson

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And, in the Spooky Corner: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween!

Hello, everyone! Remember earlier this year I took part in a fun, amazing Valentine's anthology with four other fabulous authors? What? No? Remind me! Well, good news! We're doing it allllll over again - and this time, we're getting our spook on. *excessively dramatic drum roll* Introducing - A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween! Ta daaaaa! Same… Continue reading And, in the Spooky Corner: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween!

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“Help! I’ve been hijacked by a space deer!” That’s what Sam said when I shouldered into her space in the early hours of the morning. In your Earth time, I think it was... about 3am? Authoring can be a bit of a tough gig sometimes, and there are all these unwritten (and apparently even some… Continue reading Mutiny!

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Noah Acheson

Full name: Noah Joel Acheson Pronunciation: No-ah (Jo-ul Aitch-ess-on) Kin Type: Fox Age: (as at Deanna’s Ghost)38 Height: 6’ 2” Physical Features: Medium brown skin, shoulder length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes Kin Features: Deep russet fur, with white and black tips Scent: Ginger and Musk Birthday: 9th September Astrology: Virgo Favourite Food: Burger… Continue reading Noah Acheson

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Time To Get Furry

It’s probably no surprise, following my previous post about the Weaver’s War, but I went right ahead and updated the covers for the Kin Chronicles as well. As I mentioned in the last cover reveal, whilst I adored the old covers, it was past time for an update and I am super, SUPER happy with… Continue reading Time To Get Furry

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The Sorceress’ New Clothes

Hello, everyone! I’ll start this post off by being brutally honest: I’ve been putting off writing this for about a week now. A whole, crazy, nerve-filled week. And yet, because I can’t put it off forever, here we are. So. Ahem. (Just get on with it, already!) Some of you may remember my blog post… Continue reading The Sorceress’ New Clothes

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When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

This morning I made the decision to throw a novel in the bin. The proverbial bin, since it's a digital file - but that doesn't make the loss of 107,000 words and the death of an idea any easier to bear. So now that I've fronted the topic, let's talk about how it happened -… Continue reading When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

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Full name: Balai Pronunciation: Bah-lye Species: Merged human Physical Features: 6’1”Light brown skinGreen eyesBlack HairBlack jackal’s ears (instead of human ones) Scent: Unknown Of Note: - Embalmer at the Royal Palace of Selekhet- Blessed with the Touch of Anubis, making him magically able to manipulate dead bodies First Appearance: The Heart of a Shadow “Your… Continue reading Balai

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Full name: Anubis Also Known As: Soulcatcher, God of the Dead Pronunciation: Ah-noo-biss Species: God (Egyptian pantheon) Physical Features: Charcoal skinHazel eyesLong, black hairJackal’s ears, legs and tail (black furred)Can also transform his head from a human to a jackal’s Scent: Unknown Of Note: Son of Osiris and Nephthys, half brother to Horus Author’s Note:Anubis… Continue reading Anubis