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“Help! I’ve been hijacked by a space deer!”

That’s what Sam said when I shouldered into her space in the early hours of the morning. In your Earth time, I think it was… about 3am?

Authoring can be a bit of a tough gig sometimes, and there are all these unwritten (and apparently even some written) rules about what you are, and are not, supposed to do.

One thing Sam is enthusiastic about is her newsletter; she’s also terrified of it. So while she lay in bed agonising about how tricky it was to write something interesting, I decided it was time.

Time, as the title might have implied, for a mutiny.

So, since I didn’t give her any choice, I’m writing this to let you know that I, Caelum, Certified Space Deer, have decided to take over the newsletter.

Yeah, you read that right.

Me, looking fabulous.

Starting next month, (which, according to my Earth calendar, would be… August?) I will be writing and sending you the Space Deer Communique on a monthly basis. If Sam is lucky, I’ll let her put her two cents in every now and then.

So. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss out on that. In addition to regular written contact from my wonderful self, you’ll also get a free novella for signing up – which, even though it doesn’t have me in it, is actually pretty good. I know Sam mentioned it in her previous post, but I wanted to put it in here because I dig free stuff.

Except for those free tacos Phase gave me once. We don’t talk about those, or about what happened after I ate them.


Anyway, if the Space Deer Communique sounds like your thing, you can sign up at Space Deer Central, which is the corner of Sam’s website that I claimed for myself, because mutiny, and when you surge up to take over your creative creator (huh? Just roll with it) you can do things like overtake pages on websites, and invade mental spaces at 3am.

Sooo… check it out, if you want!

In addition to being in charge of the newsletter, I cracked my whip (without any hands too, I might add) and frowned until Sam created a Facebook group for all those who are fans of her work to go and hang out with her and talk about whatever it is you book-loving people talk about.

(I love books too, but I’m a deerken, and my bookshelf lives in an alternate reality where there isn’t anyone to talk to, and yes, I like it that way, thanks for asking.)

Right now it’s just a baby group, but she (and I, since I am living the authorly life vicariously through her imagination) would LOVE it if you joined up. There will be plenty of chatter from Sam, at the very least, because otherwise I’ll pay her another 3am visit and this time, I’ll bring Dante, and nobody packs a wallop like an imaginary friend who may also be a weird magical – uh. I’m not supposed to talk about that.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

The Facebook group is called Space Deer Central – Samantha Marshall’s Reader’s Lounge and if you’re interested, you can click the button I have conveniently provided below and go check it out.

That’s it from me! I’m going to give Sam back her brain now, and make a return at newsletter time.

Until then,

Happy reading!

CAELUM, the most magnificent space deer that ever there was.
(and Sammy)

P.S – How did I type this with no hands? You wish you knew!

P.P.S – Okay, I used my tongue. I have a very flexible tongue.

P.P.P.S – Stop laughing!! It’s not weird!!

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