Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles

Noah Acheson

Full name: Noah Joel Acheson

Pronunciation: No-ah (Jo-ul Aitch-ess-on)

Kin Type: Fox

Age: (as at Deanna’s Ghost)

Height: 6’ 2”

Physical Features: Medium brown skin, shoulder length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes

Kin Features: Deep russet fur, with white and black tips

Scent: Ginger and Musk

Birthday: 9th September

Astrology: Virgo

Favourite Food: Burger and fries

Favourite Drink: Raspberry lemonade

Of Note: Professional fire fighter

First Appearance: Deanna’s Ghost

Not that she could see much from her current angle. The way he crouched on the floor gave her a spectacular view of smooth brown skin, sculpted muscles and long, dark hair, but both the shadows and the angle of his body hid everything else. It took a long, heart-stopping moment for Deanna to realise he was talking, and another to snap her lupine jaw shut and focus on the shadowy planes of his face.

“… has changed and we’re in danger,” he was saying, his deep voice wrapping around her. “We have to go, and go now.”

Frowning, Deanna backed into the deepest shadows she could find and called her human form, hunkering down behind the dubious shelter of her raised knees. “What did you say?”

Noah leant forward, dark chocolate eyes glittering with concern as he examined her face. “I said, I’m sorry to intrude on your special place, but the wind has changed and we’re in danger.”

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