Attack of the Holidays

I honestly had plans to write something fun and creative this week, but I forgot one very important thing - the school holidays are here! I adore the school holidays. ADORE them. Having my two beautiful babies home with me every day and no reason to leave the house? What could be better? Still, the… Continue reading Attack of the Holidays

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Let’s Talk About Genre

First off, I actually don’t like talking about genre. I hate the idea that every book needs to be labelled and set into the appropriate box. It drives me nuts when people say things like “Oh, I don’t read romance,” or “I hate fantasy, ew,” because that’s a generalisation based purely on the stereotypical idea… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Genre


Welcome To My Life

I woke with the sudden and uncomfortable understanding that I was not alone. Blinking into the darkness, I threw a cautious arm across the bed. Nothing. From outside the bedroom, the softest crinkle of the holland blinds, made by fingers pushing them furtively aside. I peeled back the quilt and rolled out of bed, shambling… Continue reading Welcome To My Life