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Chilling with Renee Dahlia

Today, I’m over on Renee Dahlia’s blog doing a fun little interview about the birth of Sorcery and Sandstorms, what makes me tick, and why ice cream should never go in a piñata.

Hanging out with cool author peeps (virtually and in person) is an amazing side effect of being an author and one that, if I’m honest, I never really envisioned being able to do. Not because I’m antisocial, but more because I always assumed I’d be living in my author cave in my dragon jammies with a hot cup of chai tea and last week’s bed hair.

As it turns out, I like showers, fresh clothes and my desk… though the draconic author cave is still a thing. The magic of the internet, however, means that people like Renee and I can connect and have cute chats, just like this one.

You can check the interview out here! And while you’re at it, why not browse Renee’s website and have a peep at a couple of her books?

You can also find Renee on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

Three days to go until Sorcery and Sandstorms wakes from cryo-stasis and steps into the world – I’m getting all breathless just thinking about it. THREE DAYS, people. Three. Days. (Three!)

Okay, I’ll stop. Go read this interview and drop me a line sometime to tell me what you thought!

Peace and dragon hugs,

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