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NanoWriMo Wrap-Up

Well, that’s it! November is well and truly over and with it, NanoWriMo.

I’ll admit now, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I went into the project thinking 50,000 words in a month was probably doable, but it’s also coming into that time of year when things start to go a little haywire – meaning the work I’d like to do and the work I actually do don’t always match up.

In this instance, though, I impressed myself. At the close of November, I’d accumulated an official 68, 643 words on my project.

So, the book isn’t actually called ‘Tea and Magic.’ It’s the working title I gave to my attempt at Nano this year, associated with the belief that with a little tea and a lot of magic (or, if I’m lucky, sometimes the other way around) I can create something that might make another person smile.

Because what’s the point of writing, of READING, if you don’t get something out of it? For me, I want to enjoy what I’m writing and I want others to enjoy reading what I write.

However I can say that my Nano project this year was the start of a completely new project, and if all goes well, you’ll get to know more about it sometime in the new year.

In the meantime, I’m finalising the cover for Tobias’ Spark (keep an eye out for more information on that in the next couple of weeks) editing Sorcery and Sandstorms like a demon and generally trying to get into the christmas spirit.

Hope everyone else’s November was productive. Until next time, happy reading!

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