Merry Christmas, 2019

I hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying the festive season in whatever way brings you joy. Things have been very busy here, with the end of school term and the run-up to the big day – tomorrow, yikes! I’ve shopped, I’ve baked, I’ve wrapped and labelled, and I think I’m ready.

Writing time has been less than usual, which is why I haven’t been about; I’ve hoarded the minutes for the most essential tasks and even though things have been slow, I’m making progress.

This will be no means be a long or fascinating post, but I did want to take a moment before everything goes haywire early tomorrow morning to wish everyone here a safe and happy Christmas, however it is that you choose to celebrate. With any luck I’ll be back before the year’s out but if not, Happy New Year, too.

In the meantime, enjoy my two gorgeous babies sharing the candy cane they stole from me when I wasn’t paying attention. Nothing tastes better than contraband!

Merry Christmas!

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