Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles, writing

Tobias Greenwood

Full name: Tobias Deklyn Greenwood

Pronunciation: Tuh-bye-us (Deck-lin Green-wood)

Kin Type: Wolf

Age: 28 (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 6’3”

Physical Features: Golden-brown hair, steely blue eyes with golden starburst centres.

Kin Features: Golden-brown fur, steely blue eyes with golden starburst centres.

Scent: Butterscotch and Cream

Birthday: 27th August

Astrology: Virgo

Favourite Food: Sandwiches

Favourite Drink: Spiced Rum

Of Note:
– Heartmate to Aislinn Redding.
– Alpha wolf, with the ability to assume a midform. Alpha powers as follows;
Lightning Rod: Passively absorbs electricity (usually kinetic or static electricity but can expand to other kinds with conscious effort). Conductor of electricity, meaning often conveys involuntary zaps to others (not Aislinn as she’s a damper and can absorb it) and can even power or restart things that are broken/turned off by completing a circuit. Eg, can jump start a car battery by touching the positive and negative terminals.
EMP (electromagnetic pulse): Can emit an EMP shockwave made from accumulated kinetic energy. This can be a controlled minor burst capable of shorting out batteries/phones etc or even scaled upwards to black out the power of a house or an entire neighbourhood with proper precision.
– Transitional. (Strong Kin come into their extra abilities between the age of 25 and 30, a time called transition. During transition, their powers may fluctuate wildly and require the presence of a damper to prevent injury to others.) Aislinn is assigned Tobias’ damper during the events of Aislinn’s Shadow.

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow

Aislinn turned her attention back to the man before her. Thick, golden-brown hair tumbled around his ears in a careless wave that spoke of more important things to do than look for a hairbrush. He was taller than she, over six feet, with the sort of well muscled frame earnt from a physical lifestyle. Jeans faded from use – ripped across one knee, no less – and an equally battered red t-shirt two sizes too small completed his look. Familiar… and yet not. Aislinn looked up to his face just in time to see his nostrils curl.

“Something is wrong. She smells wrong.” The man growled low in his throat, both hands clenching into fists. He took half a step in front of Grandma, his stance aggressive enough that Aislinn fell back a pace, adrenaline surging. It was then she looked into his eyes and knew him.

“Tobias Greenwood, you step back this instant!” Grandma Redding grabbed one muscular arm and dragged him aside.

“Tobias?” Aislinn whispered. The man before her looked nothing like the weedy young boy she had been close to as a child – but there was no mistaking those eyes. Steely blue around the edges with golden starburst centres, they had haunted her dreams for many long years.

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