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Full name: Fenris, Guardian to the Weaver, Warden to the Deerken, Overlord of the Timeless Kingdom. (Honour Guard to the Matriarch Shirgul, Benefactor of Gorkron IV, Lord of Ormendon, Knight of the Iridescent Moon, Crimson Warrior Priest of the Beltane Brotherhood, and a host of other titles that are lost to public record due to pages being torn out.)

Pronunciation: Fen-riss

Age: 149

Height: 7’ 1”

Physical Features: Dusty, pale teal skin, flaming jade eyes, dark teal hair in soft curls

Smells Like: Night-time evergreen forest and cinnamon

Birthday: 29th of July

Hails From: The Timeless Kingdom

Sorcen Astrology: Aligned with Callisto and the Maiden, making this warrior hard edged, with a soft touch. He may also present as stubborn and persistent, with a calling to water.

Favourite Food: Loaded Fries

Favourite Drink: Lemon, Lime and Bitters

Of Note: Born to a Rukkha Barbarian father and an Unseelie Fey mother, this halfbreed led a difficult childhood, only to be inducted into the Timeless Kingdom at barely eighteen years old as the youngest Warden on record. He has dedicated most of his life to protecting the helpless and defending the innocent. Very little is known about his private interests as he maintains a strict code of solitude, but those who follow his leadership do so with utmost confidence. He is known for being silver-tongued, slow to anger and a master of his chosen weapon, the greatsword. Possessed of a wickedly strong glamour which ensnares anyone foolish enough to make eye contact within arm’s distance.

First Appearance: Sorcery and Stardust
His eyes flew open at the touch and she gasped as jade fire spilled down his cheeks, mingling with the blue glow of the ice orb and casting eerie shadows over the planes of his angular face. Though the knight’s eyes appeared featureless, Arcana knew without doubt the moment he focussed on her.

“A deerken,” he breathed, and just when Arcana feared he wouldn’t move, the knight gripped her arm tightly and pushed himself upright. Even doubled over it was impossible to miss the fact that he was almost seven feet tall, his frame wiry but powerful underneath what remained of the armour.


His skin was indeed a soft shade of teal; not too light, not too dark. Pleasant, Arcana thought, a pleasant complement to the jade eyes she’d seen inside the temple. His dark curls were stuck with sweat and blood to his face but it was possible to see they were a shade of teal also; almost black, not quite. High cheekbones and long lashes lent him an otherworldly elegance, enhanced by a slender, wiry frame sheathed in muscle rather than overburdened by it. Dirty and bleeding, he was one of the most handsome creatures Arcana had ever seen; she had no doubt that clean and animated, he’d be breathtaking.

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