Character Glossary, Sorcery and Stardust, writing


Full name: Caelum

Pronunciation: Kay-lum

Age: 52

Height: 6’ 8” (excluding antlers)

Physical Features: Deerlike body, with disproportionately long legs and tiny, cloven hooves. Silver grey fur, charcoal ruff down the spine and pale fur on the chest. Black eyes, with swirling stars in their bottomless depths.

Smells Like: Burnt sugar with a hint of chocolate

Birthday: 14th of October

Hails From: Sorcen

Sorcen Astrology: Aligned with Groudus and the Centaur, making this deerken sweet, headstrong and unusually interested in flowers.

Favourite Food: Caramel Popcorn

Favourite Drink: Vanilla Milkshakes

Siblings: Considers himself related to Arcana due to their soul-merge, therefore claiming Flare and Lesce as his older brother and sister.

Of Note: Born on Sorcen in what could very well have been a magical catastrophe, Caelum is bound soul to soul with Arcana. He cannot stray more than thirty paces from her in any direction, or what he terms ‘the elastic band effect’ teleports him directly to her side. This unique deerken differs from his peers by absorbing aspects of his environment, causing the length of his fur to shorten or lengthen due to temperature. His antler rack reflects the area around him by growing leaves or flowers, but Caelum can also consciously change their appearance himself. The most common instance of this is his ability to turn soft, velvety antlers into hardened blades when he feels endangered. It is noted that whilst he appears to walk and run like any other creature, he actually floats approximately one inch off the ground. He enjoys stopping to smell (and sometimes eat) the flowers, rolling in wet grass and reading period romance novels, specifically those involving the illustrious Lord Whitehaven.

First Appearance: Sorcery and Stardust
“What is that, the third one so far?” Caelum lowered his shaggy head and scratched at one ice-speckled foreleg. Arcana watched in silence, admiring the elegance of his antler rack, each dip and whorl carrying remnants of the snow which had piled up as he slept. Long, sleek fur cascaded like silk from his muscular frame, a silver grey which darkened to black down his spine and mottled across his hindquarters. Caelum turned towards her, his black eyes bottomless and filled with thousands of tiny, swirling stars. “Well, is it?”

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