Character Glossary, Sorcery and Stardust, writing


Full name: Arcana Spring Lurien

Pronunciation: Ar-car-na

Age: 72

Height: 5’ 5”

Physical Features: Salt white skin, black eyes, straight black hair

Smells Like: Chocolate with a hint of burnt sugar

Birthday: 6th of June

Hails From: Sorcen

Sorcen Astrology: Aligned with Betelgeuse and the Dog Star, which accords loyalty, a fierce temper, a healthy side of shyness and an unusual affinity for the number eleven.

Favourite Food: Berry Danishes

Favourite Drink: Chocolate Chip Chai Tea

Siblings: Flare, older brother. Lesce, younger sister. Soul-merged with Caelum, the bond such that they consider themselves biologically related.

Of Note: Formerly a Class Five water sorceress, Arcana made Sorcen history when her soul was fused with that of the deerken, Caelum, and her magical abilities irrevocably altered. She now boasts enough power to earn herself the title ‘unclassified,’ has access to all schools of magic (with the exception of healing) and is still learning her limits. Though many are frightened by her unusual appearance, the unofficial biographies and fan fiction stories featuring Arcana and Caelum have been topping Sorcen’s bestseller lists for over fifty years, proving she is truly a favourite of her people.

First Appearance: Sorcery and Stardust
Arcana stared into the mug, where her reflection stared back from the mirror-like surface of the tea. White skin – whiter than snow, starker than salt – and midnight hair which tumbled straight and glossy to the base of her spine. She bore the slightly ovular face and button nose of a classic beauty but her eyes, a deep black without iris, pupil or white, ruined the effect. Without the signature features of most normal eyes they seemed too large in her face, emphasised by long black lashes which further unbalanced her cuter, canvas-worthy assets. Slender, not particularly muscular – no sorceress was – with middling to small breasts and a basic hourglass shape, there was nothing much to distract an onlooker from the full impact of her unusual face.

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