Birthday Round-Up

The last week or so has been crazy! With a capital cray. In case the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, 22nd August was my birthday, and that’s always a fun time of year for me.

I don’t know why birthdays appeal to me but they always have. It doesn’t have to be mine, I love making a fuss of everyone on their birthday – although over the years I’ve learnt to ask first because as Marshy regularly informs me, not everyone cares about their birthday. Not me! I LOVE them.

This year I kept it pretty small. There’s a lot going on around here at the moment, so smaller was easier, particularly when Father’s Day fell a week later (happy Father’s Day everyone!) and limited my time for fitting things in.

Still, I managed a lovely family lunch, and visits, and phone calls with those who live far away.

There was cake, and presents – with Mum totally outdoing herself and buying me exactly what I wanted AND needed, but then being worried I wouldn’t like it even though she knew it was perfect. I love you mum, thanks for making my birthday incredible every year! Special mention also to Bron, who made me the best singlet I’ve ever owned, and of course to Marshy who made me an amazingly delicious cake.

Most of all there was a lot of love, and honestly that’s my favourite thing about birthdays. Being with Marshy and the kids and everyone else who’s important, and spending time with them just because I can.

I didn’t get a lot of writing done but that’s okay, sometimes it’s more important to recharge. In fact, while I was celebrating instead of writing, my lovely brain solved a plot hole I’d been ruminating on the week before, so it’s all a big win in the end.

Another year older, another year more me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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