Character Glossary, writing

Sienna Smythe

Full name: Sienna Ellyse Smythe

Pronunciation: See-enn-ah (Ell-eese S-my-th)

Kin Type: Wolf

Age: 24 (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 5′ 4″

Physical Features: Petite build, golden blonde ringlets, sapphire blue eyes

Kin Features: Golden blonde fur, sapphire blue eyes

Scent: Toffee apples

Birthday: 27th of October

Astrology: Scorpio

Favourite Food: Buttered popcorn

Favourite Drink: Red wine

Of Note:
– Older brother Zeke
– Fashion designer
– Intuitive healer (can see chi points, instinctive emotional counsellor)

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow

“Tobias!” Sienna Smythe was young, willowy and attractive with her well-manicured nails, winged eyeliner and carefully set blonde curls. She smiled in welcome, stepping back from the door in a neatly pressed mauve sundress that set off her sapphire eyes, the female equivalent of her brother’s. “What an unexpected surprise.”

“Hello, Sienna,” Tobias smiled down at the young woman he’d always viewed as the sister he never had. “Sorry to intrude. Were you heading to work?”

“Mmmm,” she nodded, stepping back to usher him through the door. “I wasn’t rostered on today but Lillie called in sick and – Aislinn? Oh my God, it is you!” And in complete contrast to her perfect grooming, Sienna shoved Tobias aside and leapt into Ash’s arms.

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