Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles, writing

Rory Deepwater

Full name: Rory Alexander Deepwater

Pronunciation: Roar-ee (Al-eggs-and-er Deep-water)

Kin Type: Wolf

Age: 27 (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 6’0″

Physical Features: Brown hair with blonde tips, brown eyes

Kin Features: Brown fur, brown eyes

Scent: Almond and Sage

Birthday: 12th of January

Astrology: Capricorn

Favourite Food: Apple Crumble with ice cream

Favourite Drink: Raspberry spider

Of Note:
– Older brother Leif and parents are deceased (killed in the peace summit bombing)
– Lives with his grandfather (while in Australia)

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow

She moved left again and came to a man who was her own height. His body had been shaped by life on the land but he wasn’t overly muscular like Jaxon. His hair was a curious mix of mouse-brown and sandy blonde, cropped short and spiked out in all directions. Deep brown eyes regarded her without welcome – but also without suspicion.

“Name,” Tobias demanded.

“Are you going to be this rude all the time?” Aislinn whirled to face him, gritting her teeth against the curses bubbling in her throat.

“Name,” Tobias repeated but his aggressive tone softened slightly.

“Rory Deepwater.” She glanced at Rory and gave him a smile. The corner of his lip twitched in return.

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