Character Glossary, Sorcery and Sandstorms, Sorcery and Stardust, The Weaver’s War, writing


Full name: Lesce Ellynaeven

Pronunciation: Lesk

Age: 65

Height: 5’4”

Physical Features: Plum hair and eyes

Smells like: Aniseed humbugs

Birthday: 22nd of April

Hails From: Sorcen

Favourite Food: Chicken salad

Favourite Drink: Cranberry juice

Of Note:
– Class One Healing sorceress.
– Sorcen’s Healing Elder
– Younger sister to Flare and Arcana
– Married to Salve, Class 2 Healing sorcerer.
– One daughter: Ember, class 6 Fire sorceress.
– Often clashes with Flare but gets on well with Arcana.
– Unique ability to sense a person’s vitals from afar.

First Appearance: Sorcery and Stardust

“To what do we – good heavens above, who is that?” A sensible looking woman with plum coloured hair rushed to Caelum’s side, where Fenris lay draped across the deerken’s back.

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