Aislinn’s Shadow, Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles, Tobias’ Spark, writing

Grandma Redding

Full name: Joanne Eleanor Redding (Grandma, Jo)

Pronunciation: Joe-Anne

Kin Type: Wolf

Age: 78 (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 5’7″

Physical Features: Blue-grey eyes, greying red hair

Kin Features: Blue-grey eyes, reddish brown fur

Scent: fresh baked bread and rosemary

Birthday: 18th of January

Astrology: Capricorn

Favourite Food: Cheeseburger

Favourite Drink: Pear cider

Of Note:
– Den Mother of the Redding Pack
– Widow
– Mother to Andre Redding, mother-in-law to Marguerite Redding
– Grandmother to Aislinn Redding/Greenwood

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow

“Aislinn, sweet heart. Welcome.” Twelve years had not changed Grandma Redding. Her blue eyes sparkled with life and greying red hair tumbled freely about her face. She wore a navy blue tank top over faded jeans and boots and her skin was tanned brown by many years spent in the sun.

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