Attack of the Holidays

I honestly had plans to write something fun and creative this week, but I forgot one very important thing – the school holidays are here!

I adore the school holidays. ADORE them. Having my two beautiful babies home with me every day and no reason to leave the house? What could be better?

Still, the holidays seem to creep up and take me over when I’m not looking. All my plans of writing, relaxing and enjoying the time with my kids (and my cast of novel characters) disappeared when I woke up this morning and realised it was Saturday. Where did that week go? A week in which, whilst I had less things on the calendar than usual, I got less done than usual?

Leading me, of course, to this post in which I’ve little more to share than my mild frustration – that and the lingering warmth of spending my days with my family, which are my most precious thing in the world and my continued inspiration.

Being forced away from the keyboard has it’s advantages, too. Whilst I’ve been crazy with meetings, book deliveries, etsy orders, volunteer work, the odd bit of video gaming and loving on my favourite people, the creative synapses in my brain are constantly firing. I’m itching to get back to my stories, fuelled with the ideas and plans for their future – backed by hastily scrawled notes in my journal, which is never far away. I recently made the switch to a journal that acts as a planner, a journal, a sketchbook, a catch-all for everything and anything, and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Working as an author, a business partner (love you Bron), a wife and a mother is a constant juggling act and having one single place to keep track of everything both practical and whimsical is literally a lifesaver.

Next week, I’ll be winging up to beautiful Newcastle with Mum, to visit my adorable brother, beautiful sister in law and their teeny, tiny, scrumptious, brand spanking new baby girl. I absolutely cannot wait to meet my niece and love all over her, and spend some time with one of the other branches of my heart. I’m super excited – but keeping it low key, because Orion and Piper aren’t pleased at being left behind with Daddy for a week.

“Won’t you miss us?” Orion asked, his little brow furrowed with a frown.

“Of course I’ll miss you.” I smile and ruffle his hair and, for once, he allows it. “But I won’t be far.”

“Don’t worry, Mummy.” He steps in and gives me a giant hug. “Everything will be fine. I can make cereal, and toast, and scrambled eggs and nachos – I’ll make sure we eat.”

“What about Daddy?”

Orion screws up his face. “He can’t cook, don’t be silly.”

Daddy’s actually an excellent cook, but I do most of it by choice, so Orion’s likely not noticed. My big little man, eight going on twenty-eight.

Are your kids on holidays right now? How are you choosing to spend them?

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