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The Final Countdown

It’s official! Sorcery and Stardust is less than a week away.

Six whole days, to be precise.

With the release approaching, lots of fun things have been going on. On the top of my list has been receiving my first batch of hard copies!

Whilst I love the convenience of digital and have a kindle myself, there is something magical about holding an actual book in your hands that the e-readers will never quite manage to achieve. That feeling of wonder is multiplied exponentially when the book in my hands is actually my own!

I am beyond excited to finally have an opportunity to begin sharing my books and my stories and my characters with the greater public and I really hope that everyone who reads Sorcery and Stardust finds a little something just for them.

I’ve also been mucking about with a few cute little chibi illustrations, as you saw on last week’s post. This week, I turned them into fun stickers which I absolutely adore!

Once the book is released, I’m going to make these stickers available on the Bubble and Blossom Etsy store for anyone who’s interested. They will come either on their own, or in a pack with a hard copy of Sorcery and Stardust. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting all relevant links next week!

I also got a little crazy and bought a new planner (because I’m horrifically unorganised and now, more than ever, I need to get my dragons into some semblance of order). For those interested, it’s an A5 Hobonichi Cousin, in Jul-Dec format. It came second hand from a lovely lady who lives not far from me, and though unused, turned up without a cover. I took it upon myself to remedy that situation!

I filmed the process for YouTube and am excited to say that the channel is now up and running again, and will continue to receive videos from here on out. I haven’t settled into a specific schedule yet, but over time (and hopefully with the use of the aforementioned planner) I’ll be able to get into a manageable groove that allows me to wife, mother, write, illustrate, film, edit, upload, market, blog, photograph and email my way through life without going completely insane.

Fingers crossed, right?

In the coming weeks I’ll also be setting up a newsletter which will have a signup form here on the website, and will become a monthly update on all things author-ish, as well as including a bonus short creative piece each time. With any luck, I’ll have news on that next week but for now, all I’m going to say is ‘coming soon!’

Until then, have a fabulous week. I’ll see you Saturday, for the official release of Sorcery and Stardust!

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