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Full name: Flare Veritax

Pronunciation: Flair

Age: 75

Height: 5′ 11″

Physical Features: Bronze skin, carnelian eyes, flame orange hair.

Smells Like: Toasted Marshmallows

Birthday: 20th of November

Hails From: Sorcen

Favourite Food: Tacos

Favourite Drink: Firewhiskey

Of Note:
– Class One Fire Sorcerer
– Claims the titles of First Flame (commander of Sorcen’s military) in Sorcery and Stardust, and becomes Fire Elder in Sorcery and Sandstorms.
– Two younger siblings; Arcana and Lesce
– Ascended to fire at an unusually young age. Flare is completely fireproof, and must expel magic regularly or risk an overflow. Average fuel tank, insanely fast regen.
– Interested in history and spent a great deal of time studying Ancient Sorcen when he was younger.
– Invents his own spells.
– Known for his promiscuity, strength in battle and depthless charm.

First Appearance: Sorcery and Stardust
The taller of the two – though not by much at just shy of six feet – stopped dead in his tracks. Broad shouldered with a muscular chest to match, he was clothed in the traditional crossover robes of a sorcerer and bore a head of shockingly bright orange hair that stuck off his head in great, thick spikes. Blinking carnelian eyes as though to clear a mirage, he spluttered; “Great heavenly fires, it is you!”

Up close, his softly tanned face was marked with a smattering of freckles that had been known to drive women wild. In fact, Arcana reflected, everything about Flare drove women – and men, for that matter – out of their minds. On the tail of that thought was her brother’s smile, turned up to full, knee-melting wattage. “By Firius, it’s good to see you.”

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