Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles, writing

Flynn Tigerkin

Full name: Flynn Tigerkin

Pronunciation: Fl-inn

Kin Type: Tiger

Age: unknown (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 6’6″

Physical Features: Black hair, amber eyes

Kin Features: Orange and black striped tiger fur, pale chest and underbelly, amber eyes

Scent: Cloves and coffee

Birthday: unknown

Astrology: unknown

Favourite Food: Meat, raw or cooked

Favourite Drink: Something wet

Of Note:
– first language is Gaelic (Irish)
– mostly illiterate
– orphan, grew up as a street urchin, now finances a home for other street orphans in Ireland
– possesses a midform
– displays four pointed canines and faint tiger striping on his skin even in human form
– still suffering through transition, and contractually assigned to Aislinn for damping
– Sabre (tiger version of an Alpha) with powers as follows:
Telepathy: Telepathic when in animal or midform (but not human form), can reach his voice to one or multiple human/kin targets depending on whim and requirement
Pied Piper: able to understand, communicate with and attract animals in all forms, but power is most potent in tiger form. Attracting animals has a certain level of passivity but can be exuded on a stronger level with conscious intent. Works also on Kin and humans. Can also sense innate powers in Kin, eg damper, healer, budding alpha etc.

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow
Tobias couldn’t help but notice the faint stripes that covered the man’s body, nestled just beneath the surface of his skin like a fading birthmark. Tiger stripes. And those amber tiger’s eyes? Also still there, not at all human and fixed intently on Aislinn. In human form, the male lost most of his impressive musculature and height, retaining instead an athletic figure more suited to a runner than a warrior. Pale skin and a long, elfin face that was undeniably handsome was capped by a shock of glossy black hair that looked more like liquid satin than actual hair. A collar – an honest to the gods, real life studded leather collar – hung loose around his neck and, before Tobias had so much as drawn a breath, the male gripped Aislinn’s jaw in long fingers and kissed her soundly on the mouth.

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