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Out With The Old, In With The New

Even though it’s only six or so months old, I decided to update the cover for Sorcery and Stardust. As much as I adore art, I struggle with my own, and given this was the first book cover I’d ever completed I was both proud and disappointed with the result.

Proud, because I did it; disappointed because I wanted more from it and wasn’t sure how or where to push myself to achieve it.

Over the next few months, I did some research, tweaked some skills and came up with an updated version I liked a lot better. I tossed and turned on the idea of changing the cover so soon, then I discovered there were some formatting glitches in the print manuscript that had missed the final proofing process and that sold me.

So, over the Christmas break, I fixed those tiny aesthetic issues and now, I have an updated cover and interior which I’m super happy with.

It’s the same, and yet it’s not the same. For comparison, here is the old and new side by side.

Same basic design, just better delivered. Definitely worth all the trouble I went to! From now on, all copies will be going out with this new cover on it, and those of you who have the older cover are lucky enough to now be in possession of a limited edition 😉

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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