or cure?

Being a demon isn’t easy. Ivory would know: she’s spent most of her life as one. Survival is a day-to-day balancing act; she doesn’t have time for the tall, dark, handsome – and headless – ex-knight who claims she’s the only one who can help him on his ancient quest.

Yeah, right.

Devlin didn’t think his un-life could get any worse. With his honour in tatters and long, lonely centuries behind him, all he wants is a chance to atone for his sins and break his curse. It seems simple enough, except the demon who can break said curse has better things to do with her time – like running from the Demon Hunters who followed him to town, destroying the meagre existence she’d eked out for herself.


Still, Devlin’s as determined as Ivory is ornery – and with a common enemy forcing them to work together, he’s got a second chance to change her mind. All he has to do is turn up the charm, appeal to the sense of honour his sinfully delicious demonic companion doesn’t have, and hope she doesn’t mount his head on her wall as a trophy – or worse, his heart.

I’d love a copy!


Headless is currently only available as part of the anthology entitled A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween. Check it out below!