Aislinn’s Shadow, Character Glossary, The Kin Chronicles, Tobias’ Spark, Tobias’ Spark

Andre Redding

Full name: Andre Francisco Redding

Pronunciation: On-dray

Kin Type: Wolf

Age: 56 (as at Aislinn’s Shadow)

Height: 6’ 4”

Physical Features: Brown hair, brown eyes

Kin Features: Brown fur, brown eyes

Scent: Lemon and ether

Birthday: 20th February

Astrology: Pisces

Favourite Food: Pate and water crackers

Favourite Drink: Tequila on the rocks

Of Note:
– Alpha of the Redding pack
– Member of the Canis Council
– Canis Council representative to the Kin High Council
– Father to Aislinn Redding/Greenwood
– Alpha powers as follows:
Sensitive Hearing – Can hear with far more clarity than a standard wolfkin. In Aislinn’s words, “His ears are so sharp he can hear a bird farting three towns away.”

First Appearance: Aislinn’s Shadow

“Tobias.” Andre nodded, stepping in to complete the shake. Six foot four and slender with brown eyes and grey-streaked brown hair, twelve years away had not been kind to Andre Redding. His face was drawn and serious and his eyes flickered around the room incessantly, as though unable to perceive there would be somewhere devoid of any kind of threat.

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