Aislinn’s Shadow

Here is everything you need to know about Aislinn’s Shadow – Book One of the Kin Chronicles, due out late 2019. To keep up to date on all the news, make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter!

Book Description

Aislinn Redding has returned home after twelve years working in Ireland for the Kin High Council. Rest and relaxation in the remote Australian bush is juts what the doctors ordered, but powerful enemies stalk Aislinn at every turn and not even her pack’s ancestral home is safe.

Tobias Greenwood is ill-prepared for Aislinn’s return. His orders are to protect her – from what or whom, he has no idea. With the unusual scent clinging to her like a second skin, setting off every alarm bell in his head and threatening to upend his entire existence, he has the sinking suspicion the greatest danger might just come from deep inside himself.

When the people they trust most betray them and their enemies move in for the kill, Aislinn and Tobias are forced to address a passion twelve years in the making… or die.

Sneak Peek – Chapter One

Driving out to the country was like entering another world. Aislinn Redding yawned and rubbed sleep out of her eyes as the car pulled to a stop beneath a stand of tall candlebarks. When she’d left the airport, her windows had been filled with the familiar hustle and bustle of the city but she’d been so exhausted from her long flight that sleep had claimed her immediately. Now, Aislinn shivered as she looked out at the dense bushland. She’d been only fourteen when her parents had moved with her to Ireland for her father’s work. Twelve years later, the land she had cried for every night seemed completely alien.

The car door opened and she jumped at the sound. Footsteps crunched along the bare earth as the driver circled around to the back and Aislinn took advantage of the delay to calm her jangling nerves. When the door opened, she schooled her face into a polite smile.

“We’re here,” the driver announced, his face pulled into a welcoming grin.

“Thanks, Freddie.” Aislinn undid her seatbelt and slid out of the car. Gone was the smog and the honking of impatient horns, replaced instead by a breeze laden with the scent of wattle and the carolling of magpies. Aislinn tipped her head back, squinting against the summer sun – hot, even here under cover of the trees – and drew a deep, steadying breath.

Freddie gave her a friendly clap on the shoulder. “Good to be home, hey?”

“It’s been a long time.” Aislinn forced another smile and turned to face the good natured driver. “The bush is a far cry from the windswept coasts of Ireland.”

“I’ll bet,” Freddie chuckled. “Look, I know you’re not in tip top shape at the minute but I can’t take the car any further.” He gestured over his shoulder at the impenetrable bush. “It’s the rules.”

“Don’t worry; I know the way.” At least, she hoped she did. Twelve years was a long time to try and remember a secret pathway through the bush.

Freddie popped the boot and started to haul out her luggage. Aislinn winced at the thought of carrying everything but her only other choice was to leave some of it behind – not an option when what little remained of her life was zipped up inside.

“Well, that’s everything. I’d help you carry it if I could, but… human.” Freddie thumped himself in the chest and grinned. “Pack land is way above my pay grade.”

“It’s fine, really.” Aislinn returned his smile with a proper one of her own. “Thanks for the lift. It was good to see you again.”

“You too. Good luck, Ash.”

“Thanks.” She shook Freddie’s hand, then stood watching as he got into the car and drove back the way he’d come.

Alone at last, Aislinn eyed her designer luggage with apprehension. An overnight bag, two small suitcases and one larger case on wheels wouldn’t normally provide a challenge but her injuries were still fresh and aching. She might heal fast but her father had sent her home faster. Safety had been the official line but she’d overheard his conversation with her mother. Compromised, he’d called her. And let’s not forget that the Kin High Council had ‘temporarily suspended’ her contract of service until she could be proven healthy again – something the doctors had warned may never happen.

Tears blurred Aislinn’s vision and she swiped them angrily away. She’d put her life on the line for her people and this was how they repaid her? Damn them all! Aislinn ground her teeth, pulling on her rage, using it to give her strength and resolve. She was not giving in, no matter what her father or the rest of the Kin High Council thought. Ignoring the pain in her chest, Aislinn swung the overnight bag over her shoulder, hooked one wrist through the pop out handle on the wheeled luggage and grabbed a suitcase in each hand. She was going home. She’d rebuild her life and prove to her family – and the Council – that she wasn’t a liability to anyone.