The Heart of a Shadow

Prince of Storms.
Lady of Shadows.
God of Chaos.

Bound in eternal servitude to the Atlantean royal family, dark fairy Liria Atlannon spends her days bending to the whims of her mistress. When Atlantis’ youngest Princess announces her betrothal to the great Pharaoh Taos of Egypt, Liria has no choice but to follow her Princess across the sea to a kingdom – and a life – unlike anything she has known before.

As Commander of the Pharoah’s honour guard, it is Prince Raiden Horushood’s duty to defend his brother at all costs. He’s never met a foe he couldn’t conquer –  until Set the Anarchist, god of war and chaos, attempts to steal the Pharaoh’s fiancee from her own welcome banquet. While Raiden rages helplessly in the thrall of Set’s magic, Liria, the softly spoken handmaiden who spends most of her time staring at the floor, not only turns Set away but injures him in the process.

With the threat of an unpredictable god hanging overhead, Raiden begs Liria to join the Pharoah’s honour guard. Though Liria aches to become part of something greater, self preservation dictates she stay away from the vital, strong, and irritatingly handsome Prince Raiden. For if the warrior angel gets too close, he’ll discover that the biggest threat to Merged Egypt is not Set at all – it is Liria Atlannon, damned by the magic which shackles her soul, steals her free will and shapes her actions… until all that remains is a shadow.

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