Justice. Duty. Honour.

When vampire spy Luxor Dragomir responds to a plea from the gods, the last thing he expects is to seek shelter in a run-down cottage in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, the place he thought abandoned is home to a real, live dragon whose wit is as sharp as her teeth.

For reclusive dragon Oaklyn Airecross, spending Valentine’s Day with a stack of book boyfriends and chocolate mousse sounds like heaven – until an uninvited guest picks a fight with her least favourite bean bag, and she’s thrust into a mess of runaway cats, vampire intrigue and frypans.

Lux’s mission is of the utmost importance – not to mention top secret – and with his only ally injured, the prickly vamp is forced to accept that he cannot manage his sacred task alone. Having a dragon as a secret weapon seems like a dream come true, but he can’t shake the feeling that by the time this is over, Oaklyn might steal more than his only remaining beanie.

Fascinated by Lux in spite of herself, Oaklyn sets aside her large TBR pile to help him on his quest. After all, a dragon must do her duty to the gods… and the woman intends to find out exactly what that bulge might be when it twitches inside of his pants.

I’d love a copy!


Catnip is available as a standalone novella, or as part of the anthology entitled A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine. Both are FREE, so check them out below!


Catnip will soon be available in print as part of the anthology entitled A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine.