Sorcery and Stardust – Book One of the Weaver’s War

A sorceress. A warrior. A space deer.

The sorceress Arcana and her soulmerged deerken companion Caelum have spent fifty years traversing the galaxy, following the song that haunts Caelum’s dreams in an attempt to solve the mystery of their creation.

Fenris, stalwart Guardian of the Weaver and her Timeless Kingdom, leaps into a destabilised portal to escape the clutches of a madman intent on possessing the Weaver and using his army of warg to control the entirety of time and space.

Thrust together by the mysterious threads of fate, the trio cross the galaxy in a last ditch attempt to avert disaster. The tall, brooding Fenris holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Arcana and Caelum’s past, whilst they in turn have the skills to liberate his trapped queen and vanquish the bloodthirsty warg, who threaten the very fabric of reality.

To succeed, Fenris and Arcana must confront not only their own personal demons but the deep passion which threatens to bloom between them – or risk the complete and utter destruction of everything they hold dear.



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