Sorcery and Stardust

A sorceress.
A warrior.
A space deer.

The sorceress Arcana and her soulmerged deerken companion have spent fifty years traversing the galaxy, following the song that haunts Caelum’s dreams in an attempt to solve the mystery of their creation. When they stumble upon an injured knight in a frozen ruin, Caelum insists on rescuing him – for why else would a knight be in such a mysterious place, if he wasn’t somehow connected to the singing inside Caelum’s mind?

When he wakes, the knight reveals himself as Fenris, stalwart Guardian of the Weaver and her Timeless Kingdom. Recognising Caelum as a deerken, the tall, brooding Guardian offers to unravel the mystery of Arcana and Caelum’s past in return for their assistance in returning home, so that he might liberate his queen from the clutches of a madman.

Whilst Caelum throws himself wholeheartedly behind Fenris’ seemingly noble cause, Arcana can’t shake the feeling that their handsome guest is keeping secrets. Despite her efforts otherwise, her attraction to Fenris continues to grow… along with the suspicion that if she and the Guardian can’t find common ground, his secrets might be the end of them all.

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Books One and Two of the Weaver’s War (Sorcery and Stardust, and Sorcery and Subterfuge) are also available as a duology – ebook only.